11/12/2023 - 09:55


T.  The
W. Weeks
 I.  Inbetween
T   Team.
 TWIT’s  A new venture from within Tavistock Photography Club.

This new venture is for club members to share their skills and knowledge with each other in an informal way. It is essentially based on workshops for the members, by the members.
There is core group of 4 members who organise the meetings, and these meetings take place in the hall on Wednesday evenings, on weeks in between the formal programme. 
There is a nominal charge of £3.00 for each member to attend, to cover the cost of hall hire. 
The next TWITS meeting is Wednesday 1st November at 7.30pm and the workshop will be targeted at sharing adobe photoshop skills, specifically uploading, basic edits including use of layers, and saving the edit.
It is our intention to continue to hold and develop these sessions as long as there is a demand.